Hidden Yorkshire: How To Find Needle’s Eye

Last Updated on 12/03/2023

Almost 1.5 million tourists visit Yorkshire every year. And it’s easy to see why! But in our Hidden Yorkshire series, we wanted to share the Yorkshire destinations that you won’t find in a guide book. This instalment is an introduction to Needle’s Eye in Wentworth, South Yorkshire. Plus, instructions on how to find this hidden gem!

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Needle’s Eye

A 14-metre high pyramid probably isn’t the first sight that springs to mind when you think of Yorkshire. Nevertheless, this grade II listed building in South Yorkshire is exactly that!

In this guide, we’ll recommend where to park, how to locate the folly, and the best time for visiting. As well as a bit of an insight into the dark and intriguing background to this one of a kind structure!

What You Need To Know

Location: Wentworth, South Yorkshire

Where to park: Roadside layby parking on Coaley Lane (navigate to S62 7SD and follow instructions below)

Walk time: approximately 15 minutes to folly depending on parking location. You can extend the walk beyond the folly, see below for details.

Terrain: the field footpath is well established and easy to navigate. No stiles.

When to visit: the folly can be accessed year-round. There is adequate space for a picnic at the folly site so you can extend a visit in good weather. Make sure you pack some lunch!

How To Find Needle’s Eye

Like many of the best hidden locations, parking at Needle’s Eye is a little challenging! Firstly, you need to navigate to Coaley Lane (S62 7SD) and if you’re traveling from the direction of Wentworth, you will find a parking layby on the right-hand side. But that didn’t go to plan on our trip as all of these spaces were taken.

Alternatively, continue down the road towards Brampton Bierlow. Here we found a space to safely pull up on the left-hand side in a smaller layby.

If you park in the larger layby, you need to carefully cross the road to access the footpath to the right of the building. If you continue down the road, you have a short walk back to the footpath, but you won’t have to cross the road. Take care when walking on or crossing the road as cars do travel down here quickly.

Needles Eye Wentworth In South Yorkshire

But once you are on the public footpath, you quickly forget about the road. You feel like you’re miles away from anywhere! Start off your walk by passing through a peaceful field with a picturesque white cottage.

Needles Eye Wentworth In South Yorkshire

It’s easy to lose yourself in the view! But don’t wander too far through the field! On the left-hand side, you will come to a fence and you can immediately spot the folly, which is accessible via a gap.

Needles Eye Wentworth In South Yorkshire

What To Do At Needle’s Eye

Needle’s Eye is a beautiful spot and it is the ideal place to simply pause and see the monument. Instead, if you have the time, you can easily pass a few hours here. Here are a few ideas of how you can spend your time at Needle’s Eye.

Bring Your Camera & A Picnic

As well as a wonderful photo spot, Needle’s Eye is the prime location for a picnic! There is a lot of open space around the folly. Here you can set up camp and enjoy some lunch. Just be sure to take your rubbish away with you!

Needles Eye Wentworth In South Yorkshire

Go For A Walk

You can easily extend your visit to Needle’s Eye by continuing along the footpath for a pleasant walk. The footpath follows the top of a ridge, so you’ll be treated to spectacular sweeping views of the countryside on both sides.

Needles Eye Wentworth In South Yorkshire

Visit Local Attractions

You can make the most of your trip by extending your visit to include some of the local attractions. Wentworth Woodhouse is a stunning stately home with the longest façade of any country house in England! The estate features other follies you might want to explore too, including Hoober Stand and the Rockingham Monument.

When To Visit

Needle’s Eye was the busiest Hidden Yorkshire attraction we’ve shared to date. It is a popular spot for walking so no matter when you visit, you’re only likely to have the place to yourself for a short period of time.

The folly is accessible year-round and it makes a striking attraction no matter what time of year you visit. Spring through to autumn on a sunny day make an ideal day trip to incorporate walking and picnics. However, the fairly easy nature of the footpath means it is a great location for a brisk winter walk too.

Why Needle’s Eye?

Of course, we can’t possibly share this unique destination without some information about how it came into being! Here’s a brief glimpse into the history of Needle’s Eye.

Rumor has it, Needle’s Eye was constructed to win a wager. Charles Watson-Wentworth, the 2nd Marquess of Rockingham supposedly claimed he could “drive a coach and horses through an eye of a needle”.

Needle’s Eye was built in the mid-late 18th century. The dimension of the structure reinforces the rumour. The width, at approximately 3-metres, is just the right size to squeeze a carriage through!

Needles Eye Wentworth In South Yorkshire

A dark history…

But while this folly is a striking structure and picturesque beauty spot, it has a dark past. On one end of the structure, you can see holes in the stone – musket holes more specifically, at approximately head height. This suggests execution by firing squad took place here, although there are no records of the event.

Will You Visit Needle’s Eye?

So here is our guide to visiting Needle’s Eye. Will you be paying this hidden gem a visit when you’re next in the area? Grab your walking boots and pack a picnic to turn a visit to the folly into a day-long adventure!

If you want more Hidden Yorkshire inspiration, you can check out all of our titles in the series here! Where will you discover next?

Before You Go

So if you’re heading to South Yorkshire, be sure to bookmark this page or pin it so you can find this hidden gem!

Until our next adventure,

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Looking for UK travel staycation inspiration? We’re sharing some of our favourite secret spots and beautiful places in Yorkshire, England. Admire the beautiful English countryside and stunning landscapes on your visit the spectacular Needle's Eye folly in Wentworth, South Yorkshire. Click the pin to find out how to get to this hidden treasure! #UKTravel #England #Travel #TravelInspiration #EnglandTravel #BucketList #TravelGoals #Wanderlust #TravelMotivation #Adventure #Outdoors #EuropeTravel
Looking for UK travel staycation inspiration? We’re sharing some of our favourite secret spots and beautiful places in Yorkshire, England. Admire the beautiful English countryside and stunning landscapes on your visit the spectacular Needle's Eye folly in Wentworth, South Yorkshire. Click the pin to find out how to get to this hidden treasure! #UKTravel #England #Travel #TravelInspiration #EnglandTravel #BucketList #TravelGoals #Wanderlust #TravelMotivation #Adventure #Outdoors #EuropeTravel

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22 thoughts on “Hidden Yorkshire: How To Find Needle’s Eye”

  1. I had no idea this place existed! Sounds like a beautiful place to head for the day and take a picnic 🙂 those views of the countryside are stunning!

    • The views are really spectacular! The walk takes you along a ridge so you get beautiful views in both directions! I hope you get an opportunity to visit and take in those views!

  2. Love this! We drove though Yorkshire and fell in love with the region, but I never heard of the needles eye before this post. Great story of the wager and driving the coach through the needles eye.

    • There are so many beautiful places to see in Yorkshire! Having lived here my whole life, I’m still discovering new ones! This one is one of those wonderful hidden gems that not many people know about! I love that it has a great story too…it’s great to learn about the history of places, I really hope that the story is true!

    • I do love that I get to live somewhere that is surrounded by so much beautiful countryside! Needle’s Eye is a brilliant hidden gem and it is a great location to do some walking. I’m glad you like the guide!

    • Thanks so much! The surrounding countryside is beautiful and we had fabulous weather so I think that helped! The views are really stunning, I hope you get an opportunity to visit!

  3. Well that took a dark turn! Probably not worth a trip all the way from Canada, but I admit I’d probably pull over if I knew I was driving past!

    • It does have a surprisingly dark past for such a beautiful looking folly! It’s still a stunning sight worth seeing though! If you do make a trip over from Canada, you could definitely see Needle’s Eye on the same day as a visit to Wentworth Woodhouse which is a spectacular building! It would make a wonderful day out if you’re in the area!

    • I’m glad you liked the post! I hope it helps you locate Needle’s Eye if you’re ever in the area! Thanks for reading!

    • Thanks Krista! I’m so pleased you love the series! I’ve lived in Yorkshire my whole life and I still keep finding these beautiful places that surprise me! I love discovering these hidden gems to share as part of the series!

  4. My girlfriend lives just out of Yorkshire so we were actually making plans for visiting the area properly and looking at all the best bits – so this post couldn’t have come at a better time!!

    • I’m so glad you like the post and I hope you have an amazing visit to Yorkshire! There are so many beautiful hidden gems waiting to be discovered!

    • Hidden places are the best ones, aren’t they! There are some beautiful ones dotted around Yorkshire which are just waiting to be discovered! I hope you’re able to visit some on your next trip to the area!


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