About Get Lost

Yorkshire Lass born and bred, here to help you get lost in God's own country.

I've always been a traveller at heart.

I'm the kind of person who has always had a bucket list of destinations and I love exploring new places.

When I was still at primary school, my two prized possessions were a globe that I put stickers on to mark the destinations I wanted to visit. And a world atlas where I would keep track of where I have been.

(I still own both of these today!)

I'd spend every day researching new destinations and planning future trips. I'm obsessed with planning travel itineraries!

Because of this passion, I launched Get Lost in November 2019 to share my international adventures and travel planning tips.

Then Covid-19 struck.

I believe that everyone should have a visit to Yorkshire at the top of their bucket list.

Just months into my travel blogging journey, the world shut down. All of my plans and dreams for Get Lost came crashing down.

But while Covid forced me to put my international travel plans on hold, it didn't mean that all travel was halted.

Lockdown meant many of us were spending a lot more time in our local area. And do you know what it reminded me?

How stinking lucky I am to live in Yorkshire.

You see, I've lived in Yorkshire my whole life. I was born here, raised here, studied here, and work here. There's something about the place that has kept me here all this time.

  • I grew up in East Yorkshire.
  • I live in West Yorkshire.
  • I work in South Yorkshire.
  • I holiday annually in North Yorkshire.

Lockdown reminded my why I love the Yorkshire region. Why I love the vibrant and diverse cities, the surprising hidden gems and the breath-taking landscape.

I fell in love with Yorkshire all over again.

And I want you to fall in love with it to.

I believe that everyone should have a visit to Yorkshire at the top of their bucket list. And I'm here to give you all of the resources that you need to make that happen.

It is my mission to show everyone why Yorkshire should be on their bucket list so that they don't miss the opportunity to experience this beautiful region. And to help Yorkshire locals to get more out of the county.

So whether you've never heard of Yorkshire before, you've been planning a visit for a while or you've lived here your whole live, I'm going to show you how to find the very best of what the region has to offer.

And I'm thrilled you're here to get lost with me.

So, where do you want to go first...?

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