Incredible Christmas Decorations From Around The World

Last Updated on 19/10/2021

One souvenir I love to collect on my travels is Christmas decorations from around the world. I love getting the box out every year and carefully hanging them on the tree while reliving my travel memories.

While travel has been challenging this year, it doesn’t have to stop the tradition. Here are 15 incredible Christmas decorations from around the world that you can order online to add to your collection.

You can continue to celebrate your love of travel, despite the challenges of 2021. Plus, you can also support small businesses around the globe at the same time!

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Christmas Decorations Around The World

If you want to celebrate your love of travel this festive period, here are 15 incredible Christmas decorations from around the world. These beautiful and unique decorations are handmade by artisans from around the globe. Why not bring a bit of travel to your festive season?

Christmas Decorations from Argentina

CrDesignArtesania from Argentina makes striking modern nativity sets. These sets feature colorful, modern takes on Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus.

The nativity set is beautifully presented in a wooden box. Plus, there is a pretty background scene as a lovely finishing touch.

Christmas Decorations from Australia

If Australia is on your bucket list, you can celebrate the country this festive season with these sea glass decorations. The decorations use sea glass collected from local beaches on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.

Choose either a traditional Christmas design, or pick an Aussie designs featuring a Koala, Cockatoo, or Turtle.

Christmas Decorations from Belgium

If you’re looking for a delicate addition to your tree, check out this handmade glass lampwork Amanita mushroom bead from Belgium.

This dainty bead is about one inch in size and are often used to create earrings. However, you have the option to request the bead supplied on a loop. That way, it is ready for you to hang on your Christmas tree!

Christmas Decorations from Canada

Creationz by Catherine has a fitting tribute to the pandemic. Check out this amusing quarantine Christmas decoration set!

Pick up your pandemic essentials in decoration form including toilet paper, hand sanitizer, eye mask, and a spray bottle. Is there really any other way to commemorate such an unprecedented time in history?

Creationz by Catherine has a wonderful selection of plush decorations in several designs so be sure to check out the whole range!

Christmas Decorations from Egypt

Ornamenta Store in Egypt has a beautiful selection of hand-blown glass Christmas decorations. These delicate decorations come in an incredible range of shapes, styles, and colors. With such a stunning collection to choose from, it’s difficult to limit your choice to just one!

Christmas Decorations from Germany

The pretzel is a popular German treat. Enjoy a genuine German one in the form of this macrame pretzel decoration. This simple but sweet decoration is carefully handmade in Germany and comes in a set of two.

>> Want to make your own German pretzels for a German Christmas Market at home? Check out this easy German pretzel recipe! <<

Christmas Decorations From Around The World - Christmas Decorations from Germany
Photo by LililovesShop

Christmas Decorations from India

Want to add some Indian influence to your Christmas tree? Check out these printable tree decorations.

These vibrant decorations are a digital download. They’re ready for you to print at home and assemble with just scissors and glue.

The download includes templates for 10 different ornaments. Plus, you get assembly instructions so you can add your own handmade additions to your Christmas tree!

Christmas Decorations From Around The World - Christmas Decorations from India
Photo by SkyGoodies

Christmas Decorations from Ireland

Handmade in Ireland, this cute robin pebble ornament is made with painted pebbles on a natural wood slice.

These festive birds with their iconic redbreasts are a popular Christmas symbol. In this design, the feathered friends are wearing Santa hats for an extra festive feel!

Christmas Decorations from Italy

How is this for a taste of Italy? These Fiat 500 Christmas decorations from Italy are adorable and a wonderful way to bring a bit of Italy to your Christmas tree!

You can select from five assorted Fiat 500 designs. Or just pick one of each – that’s what I’m tempted to do!

Christmas Decorations from Mexico

Add a vibrant Mexican flavor to your Christmas with these incredible Christmas tree ornaments.

I Love Mexico celebrates the native crafts of Mexico and the artists that produce them. The store enables the artists and their communities to be recognised for their talented work. They also help they achieve economic stability for their families.

These beautiful felt Christmas trees with pompom tassels are about eight inches in length. So they are the perfect feature for a vibrant Christmas!

Christmas Decorations from Poland

This intricate stained glass tree decoration from Poland makes a beautiful tree decoration or suncatcher.

The decoration is made by hand in a small family home studio using the Tiffany method. This method is achieved by shaping the glass then applying copper foil to the pieces. The decorations are then soldered using lead solder and covered with copper.

You can be assured that every one of these decorations has been made with love – and patience!

Photo by KamillaArt

Christmas Decorations from Spain

If you want to add a cosy boho feel to your Christmas tree, these macrame candy cane decorations are exactly what you need.

These decorations are lovingly handmade from 100% natural cotton. Also, they are available in an impressive choice of 30 colours! So they will suit whatever theme you go for!

Christmas Decorations from Turkey

This Turkish evil eye decoration looks striking. And, it might just bring you some good luck heading into the new year.

According to superstition, negative thoughts come out of eyes. To combat this, people carry eye images to reflect negative thoughts and bad luck. So, despite the name, the evil eye is a symbol of good luck, happiness, and protection.

This listing for five decorations will give you enough luck to pass around as gifts too!

Christmas Decorations from the United Kingdom

In many parts of the UK, it is rare for us to get a white Christmas. But if you want to guarantee snow, grab yourself one of these friendly fused glass snowman decorations.

The jolly characters are made from hand-cut sheet glass and fired in a kiln in picturesque Cornwall. They are fired for an impressive 12 hours before they’re ready to be shipped to you to hang on your tree!

Christmas Decorations from the United States of America

If you’re like me and spending Christmas in a cold part of the world, why not bring a bit of Hawaii’s tropical paradise to your tree?

MakaiCraftCo have a wonderful selection of Hawaii-inspired Christmas baubles. These tropical, floral and beach-filled designs will bring some sunshine to your Christmas celebrations – no matter where you are!

Photo by MakaiCraftCo

Christmas Decorations From Around The World

So, these are some of my favorite Christmas decorations from around the world that you can buy from small businesses.

I can’t wait to put my tree up this year and add some international decorations to commemorate another year when we couldn’t travel! Which ones will you be adding to your tree?

If you’re feeling festive, why not plan a winter getaway? Check out this list of the 15 best UK Christmas breaks!

Until our next adventure,

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20 thoughts on “Incredible Christmas Decorations From Around The World”

  1. Aww the tiny face mask decorations from Italy are so cute! I would pick the pretzel decoration from Germany I think – my favourite bar food! 🙂

    • Aren’t the face masks adorable? I think everyone needs one to commemorate 2020! I do love the pretzel! We made some German pretzels last weekend which were delicious!

  2. What a fantastic idea! I particularly loved the German pretzel, the Indian paper decorations, the very colorful Mexican decorations and and the Polish stained glass. Interesting that the ‘evil eye’ is Turkish. The Greeks use that, too. In fact, I have several evil eyes from my Greek mother-in-law. Loved your post! How fun!!

    • I’m so glad you like the post! There were so many adorable decorations to choose from! But these ones were my favourite. I’d never heard of the concept of the evil eye before so it was fascinating to learn about it. I especially love the colours of these ones!

  3. Christmas is my favourite holiday and I just loved seeing different decorations from around the world! I especially love the little snowmen from the UK

    • The snowmen are so cute aren’t they? I think it’s incredible how they make them from glass. I love the handicrafts that are involved in making these beautiful decorations. There are so many stunning ones to choose from!

    • I’m glad you like the idea! I love putting up the tree every year and getting out the decorations that I’ve collected on my travels. It’s a shame I’ve not managed to visit anywhere this year to pick up any more, so it’s great that I can still continue the tradition even though travel has been on hold!

    • The Christmas decorations from India are so pretty! I love colourful decorations too. Thanks for reading!

  4. How fun to look at all the variety in the Christmas decorations from around the world. We would have to get a bigger tree if we collected them when we travelled! But having them on our tree would sure bring back memories of our travels.

    • Haha we just bought a second tree in the end! I can’t resist grabbing a decoration when we visit somewhere new! Christmas decorations are my favourite travel souvenir. I’ve not visited all of these destinations on this list but I don’t think I can resist some of them!

    • Egypt and Turkey are both beautiful, aren’t they? I love the colours in the evil eye! Christmas decorations are my favourite kind of travel souvenir!

  5. This was such a fun post! I love bringing back an ornament from all the places I travel and seeing them all together on the tree at Christmas time. The little mushrooms are adorable, and evil eye is very unique.

    • I’m so glad you like these Christmas decorations from around the world! Christmas decorations definitely make the best travel souvenirs! I love the colours in the evil eye, it looks so pretty!

    • I know, right?? Where on earth has 2021 gone??? This year has gone by so quickly! I’m glad you like these Christmas decorations from around the world!


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