《 India Intro 》 Rajasthan Photography

It was actually psychedelic, watching the sheer volume of people come and go in old town New Delhi, each parting the impoverished mob seas with elbows and a scowl. Three days in that city is a fitting feather in the backpacker cap; it’s somewhere I never want to be again.

Rajasthan is more relaxed, but it still amazes how quickly a local who’s never seen a white person in their life can conjure up some elaborate scam on the fly.

Yesterday in the desert heat we summitted Galtaji, the mountain of the Monkey Temple in Jaipur. Probably 5 meters and directly in sight from the temple caretaker who consecrated our journeys painting bright red bindis on our foreheads, they were being scrubbed off by a white girl with a tampon. You could say our spiritual awakening was short-lived.

With the exception of the Taj Mahal, these photos are from the mean streets of Rajasthan.

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If you look closely there’s about 30 monkeys

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Tomorrow we make our way west to Udaipur and southwest further until we hit the coast of the Arabian Sea.



  1. You have posted Taj Mahal image on Rajathan photography? Taj mahal in Agra a district of Uttara pradesh State.

    “Rajasthan is more relaxed, but it still amazes how quickly a local who’s never seen a white person in their life can conjure up some elaborate scam on the fly…….
    ” Unquote….

    I dont really agree such statement. Rajasthan is a tourism spot and many hundred thousand foreigners visit there annually. Capital Jaipur is a biggest jewellery hub and its a prime centre of various jewellery of coloured gem stones and silver. So most of the business people deal with foreigners. For global trade fairs gem and jewelry fairs 100s of participants visit abroad from this state. This place have many 5 star hotels and many big brands all over capital and state.

    Also please don’t be harsh with religious issues its a very sensitive issue with locals. If you do not believe don’t enter religious places. Hope you will enjoy your trip in Udaypur Jaisalmer and many small beautiful spots.

    Im referring your web site to tourism dept of Rajasthan, You can always contact them if you need assistance they are open to assist.

    Cheers . Have a wonderful stay there.

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    1. You’re right, I misplaced the Taj.

      If Jaipur is a tourist spot it must be low season, because locals gawk at us like we’re their last sight on earth. The hostel we’re staying in is excellent but empty. Maybe 2 percent of the tourists at the historical sights have been from Western countries.

      I don’t think it’s fair to say those who don’t buy the mythologizing aspects of religion should be banned from entering the sites. I love history and am fascinated by the way religion has shaped societies. The bindi isn’t something I feel comfortable wearing. We each gave a donation to the temple and when they said my friend’s donation wasn’t good he gave them more money. I will continue to visit the religious sites for their imaginative architecture and historical sway

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      1. I understand your surroundings and can make out surely where you are around.so naturally your experiences seems to be bit wiered. I never said you be banned in religious places but the way you explained things of red bindi and comparison etc…. also there is no mandatory thing you must put a bindi if you don’t like you can say thank you and refuse. My friend History religion and mythology differs India is one of the oldest known civilisations. In temples Donations no one usually demands its your choice to offer but wrong people mislead and reality get twisted. Hope you get good guides and nice people who explains history. You will be in endless mess for sure because of the language and its same thing can happen in Korea or China even in Japan but atmosphere changes 100 percent place to place. Every state you visit in that country differs in food people language and practices so you must understand such things when you travel in those places. I have only commented when i know the things not really matching to reality. Overseas people can’t adopt things instantly like any where else. Better plan and study a bit about the places you visit eat and live and the results be good. Wish you more better days also happy travelling. Happy week ahead and good travels. I will be reading all your post and i post my comments for sure. Cheers.

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      1. Dear friend. Good day to you. I love to read. I love to travel, love to know about traditions, cultures and history. I only shared my thoughts as comments. Soon i will post pictures from India from my point of view. Please do view them too if you are free. You are welcome and enjoy your travel. You will know more about people when you observe them closely and note the choices,and differences. I believe travelling and get along with people know about various things is a big part of education we learn in life. So enjoy the best and cheers from Hong Kong with lots of smiles.

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